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Programa de alumnos de profesional en clases virtuales

Title: Cómo se mide la competitividad Investigación (Cambio Cultural) LC Subject Heading: Competition, International eBook ISBN: 1423700414 Print ISBN: 1413530656


  • Cómo se mide la competitividad
  • Índice de Competitividad para el Crecimiento
  • Índice de Competitividad para los Negocios
  • El Anuario de Competitividad Mundial del IMD.
  • Programa de Maestrías de Administración de Empresas

    Title: Common Sense Business : Starting Operating, and Growing Your Small Business–in Any Economy Author: Gottry, Steven R. Publisher: HarperCollins LC Subject Heading: Small business–Management, New business enterprises–Management. eBook ISBN: 0060795638 Print ISBN: 0060778385


  • Part One: The Small Business Life Cycle (Chapter 1: The Dreaming Stage
  • Chapter 2: The Planning Stage
  • Chapter 3: The Implementation Stage
  • Chapter 4: The Growth Stage
  • Chapter 5: The Preservation and Evolution Stages
  • Chapter 6: The Selling/ Divesting Stage) ; The Alternate Route (Chapter 7: Downsizing-Voluntary and Involuntary
  • Chapter 8: Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 9: The Second Start-Up). Part Two: Building on Your Assets (Chapter 10: Yourself
  • Chapter 11: Your Employees
  • Chapter 12: Your Customers
  • Chapter 13: Your Vendors
  • Chapter 14: Your Capital
  • Chapter 15: Your Relationship with Your Community). Part Three: Conquering Your Natural Enemies
  • Chapter 16: Busy-ness
  • Chapter 17: Busybodies
  • Chapter 18: Sloppiness
  • Chapter 19: Debt
  • Chapter 20: The Government
  • Chapter 21: Addiction
  • Chapter 22: Fear
  • Chapter 23: There’s Always Tomorrow!); Appendix
  • Programa de Maestrías de Ingeniería y Tecnología

    Title: Managing Virtual Projects Author: Gonçalves, Marcus. LC Subject Heading: Project management–Automation, Project management–Data processing. eBook ISBN: 0071454624 Print ISBN: 0071444513


    Chapter 1: A Business Case for ePM

  • The Globalization of Markets and Projects
  • The Rapid Development of Third World and Closed Economies
  • Corporate Downsizing
  • Telecommuting: A Step in the “Virtual” Direction
  • Global Competition
  • Improving Time Management with ePM
  • The Increase of Outsourcing in the Virtual World)
  • Chapter 2 : Introduction to ePM (An Evolutionary Approach to Project Management)

  • ePM Is Not for Everyone or Everything
  • A Methodology for Developing ePM
  • Enhancing ePM with the CMMI Model
  • Case Study: The Impact of It on ePM
  • Chapter 3 : ePM Versus Conventional Project Management - (Human Resource Allocation: A Differentiating Factor)

  • The Conventional Way: Optimization Versus Adaptation
  • The ePM Way: Adaptation Versus Optimization
  • Chapter 4 : The E-Project Management Process - (The Era of Project Management Accountability

  • The Challenge of Technology-Driven ePM
  • Identifying the Right People
  • Structuring Project Teams
  • Building Team Cohesiveness
  • Developing a Realistic Project Plan
  • Study 1: Defining a Project-The Compressor Tester System
  • Study 2: ePM Guide-General Roles and Responsibilities
  • Study 3: The Project-Based Organization-Organizational Change and Customer Focus
  • Chapter 5 : Techniques for Keeping an E-Project on Course - (Reviewing the Plan and Handling Uncertainty

  • E-Project Controls
  • Setting up a Virtual Project Management Office
  • Study: Lodir Communications Corporation
  • Chapter 6 : Virtual Project Management Controls

  • An Effective Systematic Approach to ePM Controls
  • Managing E-Project Resources
  • Measuring ePM Results
  • Gantt Chart: The Virtual Perspective
  • Study: Razor Printing SA
  • Chapter 7 : E-Tools for Quality Control

  • Selecting a Controlling Tool
  • A Practical Approach
  • Study 1: Auditing Time and Cost-A Matter of Quality
  • Study 2: Are You Managing Performance?
  • Study 3: The Blame Game-How Not to Manage Project Teams
  • Chapter 8 : Integrating Speed, Change, and Radical Innovation with ePM

  • Becoming an Effective ePM Manager
  • Developing and Managing Virtual Teams
  • Driving Forces Behind Virtual Teams
  • Dimensions of Virtual Teams
  • Integrating Quality with ePM: A CDPM Approach
  • The Use of Continuous Improvement Feedback Systems
  • A Word About Kaizen and Its Contribution to CDPM
  • Study: Progressive Leadership Begins with a Progressive Leader
  • Chapter 9 : The ePM Office

  • The Evolutionary Approach to the PMO: The Virtual PMO
  • The ePMO Environment
  • Knowledge Management Implementation
  • Study 1: Focus on Value
  • Study 2: Reducing Time to Market for Competitive Advantage
  • Study 3: If Only We Knew This Before
  • Study 4: Somebody Opened the Floodgate
  • Chapter 10 : Concurrent Projects and Change Management

  • An Overview of Concurrent Project Planning, Managing Concurrent Projects
  • Change Management in Concurrent Project Management
  • Organizational Culture: The Heart of the People
  • Culture Change Conclusion
  • Study 1: Fostering Culture Change
  • Study 2: Anticipating and Promoting Change
  • Programa de Maestrías de Educación

    Title: Managing E-learning : Design, Delivery, Implementation and Evaluation Author: Khan, Badrul Huda. LC Subject Distance education–Computer-assisted instruction–Management, Web-based instruction—Management. eBook ISBN: 1591406366 Print ISBN: 159140634X


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Institutional Issues
  • Chapter 3: Management Issues
  • Chapter 4: Technological Issues
  • Chapter 5: Pedagogical Issues
  • Chapter 6: Ethical Issues
  • Chapter 7: Interface Design Issues
  • Chapter 8: Resource Support Issues
  • Chapter 9: Evaluation Issues
  • Programa de Maestrías de Humanidades

    Title: La formación ética y ciudadana / Colegio 24 hs LC Subject Moral education, Citizenship, Democracy. eBook ISBN: 1417599286


  • Formación ética y ciudadana
  • Importancia de la formación ética y ciudadana para el buen funcionamiento de la democracia
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