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SIRS Knowledge Source te invita a conocer algunas “Historias de las Celebraciones”

Este mes y durante Enero podrán leer información interesante acerca de las celebraciones de invierno en el mundo:

    1. An American Christmas: How We Came to Celebrate Christmas. Fuente: Herbert Hoover Museum Summary: “Christmas wasn’t always celebrated the way it is today. In fact, the Puritans of Massachusetts banned any observance of Christmas, and anyone caught observing the holiday had to pay a fine.” (HERBERT HOOVER MUSEUM) This site reviews the history of Christmas in the United States from 1840 to the present, concentrating on Christmas trees but also discussing the general Christmas tradition. Descriptors: Christmas, Christmas decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas trees, Christmas, History, Holidays, Spotlight on Winter Holidays Around the World.
    2. How We Celebrate Hanukkah. Fuente: Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI) Summary: “Many Jewish holidays commemorate events invested with historical and religious meaning. Hanukkah means ‘dedication,’ and it commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after its desecration by foreign forces. The celebration also reaffirms the continuing struggle to live by God’s commandments and to lead Jewish lives.” (JOI) On this site read about the blessings, traditions, history, and activities of Hanukkah. Also play an online version of Spin the Dreidel. Descriptors: Dreidel (Game), Hanukkah, Judaism, Judaism, Customs and practices, Spotlight on Winter Holidays Around the World.
    3. The Official Kwanzaa Web Site. Fuente: GlobalDrum.Net Services Summary: Dr. Maulana Karenga, creator of Kwanzaa, states “it is imperative that an authoritative source and site be made available to give an accurate and expansive account of Kwanzaa’s origins, concepts, values, symbols and practice.” This site does that by exploring Kwanzaa’s roots, branches, principles, and symbols. Descriptors: Holidays, Kwanzaa, Spotlight on Winter Holidays Around the World vioxx prescription drug philadelphia. watson brand pill identification norco. compare paxil and lexapro side effects. ovulation predictor with clomid. clomid multiple rate. free sample weight loss pill. diabetes mellitus epidemiology uk. on line phentermine. ovcon birth control pill. natural cure for type one diabetes. xanax with online consultation. zoloft depression anxiety. ultramax karts. lipitor online order. fedex shipped xanax. benzodiazepam. le meridian papeete. somalia landscape. adverse credit find mortgage remortgage specialist. correspondence school of pharmacy. home renovation costs canada.

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