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SIRS Knowledge Source nos comparte sus artículos más nuevos:

  1. Blogs Now Have a World of Influence
  2. Comic Books Increasingly Making Reference to Faith
  3. Online Poetry: Some Is Quite Good, but Is It Literature?
  4. Devils Tower Gears Up for Centennial
  5. The Day After Roe
  6. Leonardo’s Code Ruffled Plenty of Church Feathers
  7. Three Gorges Dam: China’s Great Wall on the Yangtze
  8. Immunizing Girls for Cervical Cancer Is a Tough Sell for Conservatives

Literary Corner en SIRS Renaissance

Encuentra estudios curriculares de autores reconocidos de distintos períodos literarios y regiones, así como sus perfiles bibliográficos. Ingresa a la opción de SIRS Renaissance y encontrarás el enlace de “Literary Corner” del menú derecho.

Los 3 TOP en Sitios Web Selectos.

Science of Cooking. The Exploratorium
Summary: The Science of Cooking provides recipes and activities on the science behind food and cooking. On this site, users can explore a spice map of the world, discover how a cucumber becomes a pickle, find out what happens to meat when cooked, learn about sucrose molecules, take a microscopic tour of bread and study how to make a naked egg. The Flash plug-in is required for certain interactive parts of this site.
Descriptors: Cookery, Food, Food, Composition, Recipes

It All Adds Up. National Council on Economic Education
Summary: “Welcome to It All Adds Up, a site for teens who want to get a head start on their financial future. Play online games and simulations to learn about credit management, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving and investing. Click one of the images…to get started.” (NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ECONOMIC EDUCATION)
Learn about personal finance in these five modules: Getting and Using a Credit Card, Buying a Car, Budget Odyssey, Saving and Investing Blitz, and You’re Going to College.
Descriptors: Automobile loans, Budgets, Personal, College costs, Consumer credit, Finance, Personal, Interest rates, Money

The Insurgency: Iraq. Frontline, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Summary: “Kidnappings. Suicide bombers. Beheadings. Roadside bombs. The Iraqi insurgency continues to challenge the most highly trained and best-equipped military in the world. FRONTLINE peels back the layers and gets beyond the propaganda to take a complex look inside the multi-faceted insurgency in Iraq.” (PBS) On the companion site, consider if the insurgency can be defeated, read interviews with U.S. military commanders and journalists, find a timeline of attacks, and view a map of Iraq’s ethnic and religious makeup.
Descriptors: Ethnic groups, Iraq, Insurgency, Iraq, Iraq War (2003- ), U.S., Armed Forces, Forces in Iraq, U.S., Foreign relations, Iraq what is anxiety florida. pcat pharmacy test. lowest price propecia. canton cherokee ga health specialist womens. thin fast weight loss center. american diabetes foundation http diabetes. pharmacyclics xcytrin. medications treat anxiety. topamax drug interaction with amitriptyline. hypnosis for weight loss boston. valium liver disease. oleander caterpillars. cialis levitra versus versus viagra. alanis morissette - jagged little pill. foreign pharmacy no prescription. diet lipitor pill. master training specialist program. link net phentermine pills no sapo pt site. paxil side effects fidgeting. drag specialist motorcycles.

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